We Are Concerned

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Abuja and Lagos are two of the greatest cities of Nigeria. I had opportunity to go there in November 2000 with the Africa Travel Association but. Unfortunately, I did not make it. In my estimation, that probably would have been of my greatest experiences. According to the brochure, Abuja is the newer of the two cities; it is only 16 years old. In Abuja, you will find the riches oil investors who display their wealth in buildings and assets. In Abuja you can stay at the seven star Hotel. On festival Road. In Lagos, which is first city in Nigeria, you can find accommodations at Koyi Hotel in kings Road Koyi or Sheraton Hotel. 30 Sir Bank, Anthony Way. Nigeria is very rich in couture. It has 25 ethnic backgrounds and 400 dialects. There are 14 national airstrips and five national parks. For more information call 1212-808-0301.


As descendants of Africans, We need to cast aside some of what we learned from our slavemasters {and even some of our inborn characteristics}, We have so much going on among us that we have created conflicts of interest and can't seem to build a solid foundation. First of all, we are intolerant, so we always fight among ourselves. We cannot make sacrifices if we are not able to see our condition. We need to have a presence of mind that will govern our daily lives. We need to see good values in each other that will help us work together .We can't continue to make comparisons among ourselves- there will always be political barriers. There is so much information out there about our history. Let us build on that! Instead of breaking our monies in developed countries while our people suffer, Why not these monies to construct houses hospitals, TV and radio stations shelters for the homeless and housing for the elderly, culture centers, libraries, banks, supermarkets. Training centers , stadiums, schools, colleges and universities and factories, better roads, bitter utility systems, acquire more knowledge in science and technologies, and invest more in agriculture, planting trees to create natural rain forests, and digging wells. All to enrich our counties .All these obligations can be reached if we are honest in building our countries. While we are also building the minds of our people. They should have a right to express themselves! Malachi 1:5: And your eyes shall see, and ye shall say, The Lord will be magnified from the border of Israel.


Africa must unite! Sometimes, I observe our people and find it heard to believe that in spite of the fact that we have knowledge, we feel inferior to other races that seem to be able to empower themselves and their countries. If we are really concerned with our situation, there is no room for mistakes now after years of slavery and our struggle for human fights. What are we going? Marcus Moziah Garvey said: Any leadership that teaches you to depend on another race totally, that leadership will enslave you. Can you see we are in serious trouble! If we strengthen our culture, individually, we will become stronger. We will also gain more respect from other races and our values will mean more to our children. My concern is based on the emotion of Jah .so I believe it is a God-give privilege to encourage others to have a broader mind towards humanity worldwide, especially in Africa, where Aids and poverty are so destructive among our brothers and sisters. We must provide leadership that will prevent our people from leaving the lands they love and becoming refugees in other countries. While in those situation, many families become victims to advantageous people. Now we must use our conscience and our senses by putting away all our differences with tribes and religion as we work together to stop all crimes against our people. Psalm 86:16 o turn unto me. And have mercy upon me; give thy strength unto thy servant. And save the son of thine handmaid.


Now I would like to know why some Christians still think that I being a Rastafarian make me a black sheep of an outcast. What difference does it make to them that I praise Haile Selassie I? I am not hurting anyone. My faith in Jah always makes me feel secure. Instead, Why won't get more involved in society where we live among poverty? Why should I even compromise my years of worship for somebody else beliefs. It is not easy to be around people who challenge your way of life. My life would mean nothing to me if I don�t make sense to myself so others can get the benefit. There are principles for me to follow and value in my faith and they have kept me going on. I am living and reflect the right of in the purest form. My life is not only based on outward appearance but on the goodness in me. Psalm 11:&: For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness: his countenance doth behold the upright.


I can remember one of the major reasons why I hold on to my faith in Jah: Once, after working on a construction job for $5.00 per hour for about six months, I asked the boss for a raise, Since he was in the habit of pretending not to understand the workers when we spoke to him. I stated my request very clearly and he decided to give me a $1.00 He asked not to approach him about a raise again. A few weeks later, he hired a new foreman. Who was very disrespectful to the workers. One day as I rode the old elevator up to the sixth floor, it broke down. The foreman called me and said I was fired, He told me to go outside and wait for my check. He even attempted to put me out of the building physically. I told him that if he dared to touch me, I would hurt him. That night, at home, I had a vision: I saw the face of Haile Selassie I with His Crown of pure gold on his head. A circle of light was around his head; in the circle was written King of King's and Lord of Lord's. Because of that vision, I also know he is the almighty! Proverbs .8:17: I them that love me: and those that seek me early shall find me.


We all know today it is very hard for one to find true courage to speak about humanity. The Holy Spirit taught me that I cannot have true love if I don't have integrity. Placing material value in person�s Position in life does not give one integrity. True Integrity is present when one wants good for not only him or herself but also for others. I know it is impossible for everyone to understand what true love is: but for our present and future generation, it is not too late to change. Let us give hope to the people who are less fortunate. There seems to be no color barrier when one is rich, but the very poor are separated from his neighbors worldwide. It is time to stop talking and show our true feeling. Psalm 41: 1: Blessed is he that considereth the poor: The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.


When we work hard and achieve honest success, there are these who accuse us of being rich! They don't think about the sacrifices that we have to make while they hang on the corner in the parks wasting their days and nights. Get a grip on yourself and contribute towards your future! No one can give you everything you need. My father always said: The best thing in life is to inherit the fruit of your own labor _ No one should take responsibility for a strong adult who can learn to go out and fish for himself. Any individual who have got enough time to observe another person and to envy another person; he or she should use that same time to learn something from that person. Daniel 9: 15: And now. O Lard our God. That hast brought thy people forth out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand. And hast gotten thee renown. as at this day: we have done wickedly.


We African people: Honorable people on the face of the earth, and every person with a God Given Conscience known the truth_ so there is no longer a need to wait for leaders to tell us that we are failing to maintain all human standers for long term benefit. In 1962.Haile Selassie I gave one of his palaces to the Ethiopian people for a university, which serves 3.000 full-time students and 4.500 part-time students. Today, students from as thirteen countries in Africa attend. We Africans should take historical note of the University of Timbuktu, in Mali, the first university in Africa. We also need to realize that life without sacrifice will always cause poverty and death. We have got strive for a better future, even if it means help from sincere people abroad, We also must take all initiatives to study economics while we show tolerance and love to the people. We should also help to create more jobs and better wages so that the people can create a better way of life for themselves. Among us there are too many people who are living way below the poverty level. Psalm 34: 2: My soul shall make boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof and be glad.


As a youth, I used to hear people say they would have to be rich to be a Rasta. I felt disappointed at first but I have learned from my observations over the years that honest people are sometimes afraid of all the challenges that Rasta's face in society. In the early days, Rasta's were not even classified as citizens. But Through our faith in Jah, We have lived to see people who once resented us now turning to Jah Rastafari. Today, I feel obligated to speak my peace in the circle of life for the cause of good, Sometimes people are just too selfish and judgmental about Rastafari ,You can find Rastafarians everywhere with thoughtful ways. Proverbs 14:2: He that walketh in his uprightness feareth the Lard bur that is perverse in his despiseth him.


For his mercies are everlasting..ever faithful. . . ever. . .sure . . . As a true Rastaman, I have lived my whole life in a positive way to benefit the interest of my fellowman. My hope is always the same: I want people to see the work of Jah .in spirit and in truth. I know my personal obligation is to live up to the words of Jah. I cannot take all the credit that Jah has to give because I am only a man, I give thanks and praise to Jah who reins and rules supreme over all men. The fear of Jah is where wisdom begins. It is good to fear the Lord. So we have to maintain that presence of mind. Isaiah 43:2: when thou pisseth through the waters, I will be with thee: and through the rivers, they shall not be over flow thee: When thou walkest through fire. Thou shall not be burned: Neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.3: For I am the Lord thy God. The Holy One of Israel. Thy savior: I Give Egypt for thine ransom. Ethiopia and Sheba for thee.


Now, as Rastaman, I am sure that some of us are sincere to our faith. We know we have an obligation to maintain our godly standards. People look up to us as spiritual brothers and sisters. So in spite of what people may thing about Rastafarians. I still believe we are giving the world a balance. and the understanding of Jah maketh all principles right .Revelation 1:2: Who bare record of the word of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ. And of all things that he saw.


I would like to share another true experience based on my faith: In June 1993, visiting a construction site a year after looking for work in construction during the final stage of hiring, the employer said he could not hire anybody else from the crew, including me, who were there looking for work. I saw a young man on the site who I had met in a construction agency. He told me to return to the agency and try to seek work through them. I told him that, because of my faith, I had no trust in the agency because they had not helped me to find work for almost two years. I added that I praised Rastafari and I would not go homeless, at the time, I was considering putting together my first album �Tribute To The World� Three days later, the site was closed down due to picketing. The employer called me from the remaining crew and told me I was the last man he would employ, and I would be there until the work was completed. I was at the job when I finished my album! Revelation 6:2: And I saw .and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow: and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer.


Why it that some women believe material things and fast life are the most important things in life? As a result of that thinking, a man who is kindhearted and thoughtful fall�s victim to their bossy ways. Women need to know that a person who gives kindness and respect to them should not be overlooked. It is time for these women to believe in self worth, which will be beneficial to them in the future. I believe that over the lost twenty years, the media and the music industry has contributed vastly to the breaking down of our culture. Proverbs 7:11 She is loud and stubborn: her feet abode not in her house.


I am a person who believes that goodness and kindness are acts of God. I have heard people they say people are poor and hungry because of their sin. I think it is so inconsiderate to believe that. Then, there are those who make it possible that some will eat while others don�t. I find it hard to thrust people who preach and don�t help others to overcome their problems. In situations like that, we just overwhelm the poor with frustration. In some parts of the world, in refugee camps, parents are holding on to their children as their only possession, hoping for support. Psalm #5: 17: Lord, how long wilt thou look on? Rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions.


At one point in my life, I used believe that taking a woman out to a nice restaurant for dinner was one of the greatest things to do. I now realize that most times when a couple goes out to dinner, they don't get the opportunity to really know each other or to express themselves without outside interferences. I also believe that if one does not establish trust at an early stage in the relationship, he/she may be disappointed by those who want to take advantage of him/her. In such a situation, there is no winner! Proverbs 7:12: Now is without, now in the streets and lieth in wait at every corner.


People may be confused when I or another Rasta says we praise Haile Selassie I. Not everyone can explain this claim or express their true emotion regarding Haile Selassie I. It takes more than education to be able to explain our love for Jah! It is such a mystical feeling. That even Rasta's who are poor and not able to read have their own two sentences to share about their love of Jah. In my case, it is the experiences I have had. Which benefit me daily and annually? These experiences increase my love for other people and my hope for goodness! The bible said, God revealed himself to Moses in the bushes and to other servants of his chosen. So I am more convinced because of God's great doings; if we are playing to him for hundreds of years, why would he not reveal himself to us for our assurance? God is not impossible! The bible says, Seek and you will find! He will reveal himself and allow people to continue their faith. On November 2, 1930, when Haile Selassie I was crowned King of King's and Lord of Lord's, he said he was responsible for all people of color. So God has to do whatever he wants; we cannot limit him. He has no limits! Revelations 19: 16: and he on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of King's and Lord of Lord's . 17. {His imperial Majesty Version} Psalm 12:1: Help, Lord: for the Godly man ceaseth: for the faithful fail from among the children of men. Again it is such a Great Blessing that my eight children and I are able to present to the world my fourth CD 'We are concerned'. Which we hope will revolutionize the world. It has been 30 years since Emperor Haile Selassie I Has disappeared in his chosen time, and although some criticize him the King as a dictator, look at the world in 30 years�there is no true Christian Statesmanship! What has happened to the world�our interest in humanity has failed! I declare to the world that his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I Is God Almighty, We Are Concerned -By Millard F Burrowes It is a pleasure to present to the world my forth CD=We Are Concerned-through the powers of His Imperial Emperor Haile Selassie I The First, the Alpha and Omega, The Great Beginning and the Great End.