Tribute to Ethiopia Spiritual standards

Dekoder and Kids Records 6th recording from M.F. Burrowes

Rastafari Speaks
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This song was written because of disparaging remarks I heard made about Ethiopians from the proud who think they are strangers to their own brothers and sister, more or less because they have arrived or were born in other countries. My dear friend, I do pity you for your ignorance, because in our culture. Some of us have not been representing. Any real substance over the lost two generations, so pointing a finger is such a wrong thing to do. Ethiopians respect spirituality! The whole western world need to evolve spiritually, the poor in Ethiopia represent an example to mankind. Showing that Jah Almighty is not partial-even to his own, Ethiopian is the only place on earth that really has a true spiritual rhythm. Respect is due to the poor in Ethiopia who have stand up with payer for thousands of years – from generation to generation. So don’t get carried away. For those who lack morality are doomed to fail harder than Ethiopians. Proverbs 12 verse 21& 23 There shall no evil happen to the just: but the wicked shall be failed with mischief: A prudent man concealeth knowledge: but the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness.


My first impression, when I visited Ethiopia, reminded me of my early childhood. The Ethiopians exhibited traits I had learned then: manners and thoughtfulness. I had prepared myself for my trip by getting supplies, like pens pencils and sharpeners for the children who were very grateful. The Ethiopians were not aggressive, so I felt at home among them-I.too. am not an aggressive person. I felt at home among the poorest of them. They are not loud and do not get excited over vanity or materialistic things. They used Mercedes Benzs as Taxis, then park them along the street side, without fear of theft. I made a trip to a church – out my tour group –and one approached me for offerings or tithes. I was glad to distribute us $600.00 among the poor, exchanging it into their own currency, Ethiopians will take as much as 1 Birr, and whisper a prayer for you. I am glad I am unlike some people who would rather to get fat while others suffer and starve to death. Then promptly say the land is primitive. Proverbs 19 4: Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbor.


Now, I Rastaman in truth and righteousness, visited Ethiopia on May 2000, for the first time in the flash –spiritually, I was always there. Where my father, Haile Selassie I sits on the throne now. With respect to God and humanity, I am pledging my fourth album as a charitable work to benefit the people of Ethiopia. Seen, with my own eyes that the people need help, tells me that preaching, blaming. Talking, And sprinkling holy water on the ground will not provide food, clothing and shelter for the pure in heart. For Jah said, “Let the aged be protected and the innocent be cared for. “ I do my part by sending contribution. Through the Feed The Children organization, I may have to work eight jobs {or more} in construction or sell my CDs on the streets to make this album a reality, but I don’t mind – there are parents in Ethiopia  who can’t afford $2  .00{us} per year to send their children to school. In Ethiopia there are also 3 million and more AIDs cases. In 1966.when Jah visited Jamaica. He said that Jamaicans and Ethiopians are blood brothers. Because we Rastafarians are the ones who help support Ethiopia with prayer. For that I give thanks. The King of Kings Lord of Lord’s knows everything. Psalm 12verse 1 & 2: Help. Lord: for godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fall from among the children of men: They speak vanity everyone with his neighbor: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.


In Ethiopia, there is a place called Shashamani where Jah has given Rastafarians over 500 hectares of land –for all true Africans who want to come home and be a part of Ethiopia. At this time, there are four diverse organizations resident on the land. I. being a Rastafarian who believes in oneness, don’t want to be a part of the conflict that may arise and cause a political diffusion between those groups. So I am giving all Ethiopians the strength- for what would be the purpose of our faith in Jah and my most dedicated years of worship in Haile Selassie I, If I should  not uphold a humanitarian standard : I am not doing this for praise . I just want to be Me. This Rastaman knows no ego- I am just like the earth. Every folly passes round to be me. The Mystical power is God within me. Jah is the light and the light is Jah Selah. Psalm 1 verse 3: O let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end: but establish the just for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins


Now, I Rastaman can say that our history has proven and showed that Yesus Christos was the only. Redeemer to walk on the Earth among men,   so every other religion thereafter is irrelevant. November 2. 1930 marks the return of the Christ who came and conjured as the first true King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s. H I M Haile Selassie I There was none before and none after.  The good work of Jah Rastafari shall remain on the conscience of man forever.
Now, you have some people out there. Who eat a box of Foska and say they are Rasta. And hide behind self –proclaimed names; I do believe that some of us deserve a picture of the Michelangelo.  Jesus for a Christmas gift, No you cannot mix righteousness with ungodliness. Brothers and sisters, once a Rasta, always a Rasta! Rastafari work is like a hand print. Rasta is not style that can change every day. Rasta cannot be like everyone else. If so, how could you tell the different from the rascal, I shall remain a Rastaman for another thousand years, Selah. Psalm9 verse 1& 2: I will praise thee, o Lard, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvelous work: I will be Glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.


Yes. I have to give thanks and praise to H. I. M. Haile Selassie I for his Revelation in my visions since childhood.  He visited me one night and made me one of the most wonderful human beings. At times, he revealed himself on the clouds, as king of king’s and Lord of Lord’s with a bright light around his face, at the end of the problems, or on a red bible cover, marked Isaiah Prophet of Old, Isaiah  11.  He also healed me at times of my most feared afflictions and brought the afflicted to me, so I could help them.  I know his power. He watches over me by the side of my bed, At one time, I was even comforted by a lion in my sleep, My last encounter with lions guarding me was  June 7 , 2000. In my vision, after returning from Ethiopia, I Saw Haile Selassie I with a Rod in his hand and he told me everything is going to be alright. So to give thanks and praise is a wonderful thing.
Psalm 119 verse 75 & 76: I Know oh Lord, that thy judgment are right and that thou in faithfulness has afflicted me: Let I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.


It is such a blessing to see brothers and sisters living together as one family under the covenant of the most High God, H. I. M. Haile Selassie I. Bestiality is taken over the minds of people. Today, in the real sense, Families seem so hopeless. Children are left without questions to ask their parents. It has gotten so bad, that children are the last to be mentioned in the same people’s vocabulary, People even get themselves in other people’s relationships without consideration. It seems as if they are in jail, and, being lonely, most people like to finish what someone else started. No one thinks about the children and the fact that they suffer the most. The average person today prefers to watch a fictitious movie as another way of avoiding reality. There are also people who believe that taking advantage of other sexually is rewarding to those being taken advantage of. There are so many empty souls who don’t to see themselves – not even in the mirror. Psalm verses I & 2: In thee, O Lord do I Put my trust: Let Me never be put to confusion: Deliver me in thy Righteousness, and cause me to escape incline thine ear unto me, and save me.


As a youth, life was so simple. The main objective was just to have manners and respect, and an honest intention to achieve. Today, less than thirty years later, the good clashes with the bad. It has gotten to a point where you can’t even talk to people about their past lives. It’s all about today. Their lives are unstable. The average person is programmed not to think for themselves anymore. Building long-term relationship are a thing of the past, No privacy exists in relationships anymore. Human beans were not created to live like beasts. Why should you have to prove your love in public? This creates a distrustful environment for later failures. People today also seek idolization for themselves. They believe a smile can provide whatever they need and they make easy acquaintance with a handshake. Ethiopians is the only place in which my soul feels free and comfortable or in the sanctuary where I often pray. I offer prayer for Jah’s guidance. Psalm 16 verses: in Judah is God known: his name is great in Israel.


Ever since my trip to Ethiopia, I can see a little boy with my third. He is always there now. He raises questions: Why is there so much food throughout the universe to feed everyone, yet some go hungry? Now all you So-called leaders of the world: Look into the eyes of your young children or grandchildren and there you will see into their soul that they trust you as adults. They hold adults responsible for a safe environment and for the food they desire for growth. All their hopes are pinned on adults to make the safest choices in life, that’s why children are children! Leaders, they don’t want war. I   am also tired of seeing children all over world T V eating from the garbage like dogs. So let’s the embargo against the poor by practicing humanity on the earth, Proverbs 14 verses 19 & 20: The evil bow before the good. And the wicked at the gates of the righteous: The poor is hated even of his own neighbor but the rich many friends.


My pilgrimage to Ethiopia solidified what I previously learned about the Organization of African Unity {O AU}, which was initiated in Ethiopia by H. I M. Selassie I for the benefit of all Africans at home and across the world, Ethiopians still occupy 11 churches that were built in the side of a rock In the 12 century by king Lalibela. Ethiopian also has the oldest bible in creation known to man; today it is written on the wall of Ras Menelik’s church that the crown prince of the throne is H.I. M. Haile Selassie I the First, The most ancient picture of the Black Madonna and child is in Ethiopia. There, too, rests the Ark of the Covenant, one Obelisk in Axum – 23 meters tall. the monument of queen Zawditu, Addis Adada  Universality and   Museum, Qn. Titu Museum, J FK Library, the thrones and palace of Haile Selassie. Eight National Parks, five national air strip, a United Nations Conference center. And Hilton hotel and Sheraton hotel .400 .000 years of cave paintings, Railway station at Addis Ababa Ancient stone carving, Debretson Church. Bale Province, church, Bale Province, Yohannes Castle from the 17 century Omo valey, Rimbound house from the 19 century, Abune Yomate Church, Mursi woman, Omate Muslim Grave,The fortified near Tissisat falls and Wonder Gennet Palace. And the  victorious statue of Ras Menelik. Psalm 87 verses 3, 4& 5. Glorious things are spoken of thee o city of God. Selah: I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia and Tyre, with Ethiopia: this man was born there: And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her.


It is such a great please to have visited the Holy trinity Church, which was built by H. I. M. fifty years ago. As visitor from the U. S. A. we were in a crown of 7 .500 to 8.000 people who were dressed.  In different Garments, according to rows of people. These people were very orderly –If a pin dropped, the sound would be heard. They are so dedicated to salvation,
They cannot be distracted. We were able to take pictures of them worshiping. It seemed as if the people from the west had never seen Christians with no chips on their shoulders. It may be a blessing that Ethiopia is so far away-16hours by air-This will keep the wolves at bay. Isaiah 40 verse 1: Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.


I have always wanted to be in a peaceful where I can communicate with Jah. Being able visit Ethiopia, I felt so rewarded for the love and support that I have given to all mankind. In spite of all my turmoil, I have helped all races. Ethiopia has less than two percent crime. Christianity has been the head of the law enforcement there. Security guards don’t use night sticks, radios or guns-guest can walk around the city and return to their hotels at any time of night. Without fear- unlike other civilizations with many problems, In Ethiopia, even utilities bill collector comes to your house, even the animals are friendly, early in the morning, and you can sometimes feed a rabbit from the palm of your hand until it hops away. Jah blessed my weary soul, after all these years, 1 kings 4 verse 25: and Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree, from Dan even to Beer- Sheba, all the days of Solomon.


The streets of Ethiopia are not paved with gold. If you want to live there, you will have to make advanced preparations to do so, just as you would do to start in any new country.
Ask not what the country can do for you. But what you can do for the country! Be prepared to plan your lives carefully. Don’t plan to judge one for your bad judgment. Ethiopians are very conscious of themselves. The young men and women there are more responsible and know their history more than the people in the western world who have to attend collage to learn theirs. Ethiopians are proud of their heritage and. Even if they have traveled abroad and return home, Blending in their environment comes naturally.
Psalm37 verse: 1: By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down yea we wept when we remember Zion.


My Brothers and Sisters of love, Ethiopian’s greatest gifts are love, respect and spirituality. So have no fear! Exodus is coming in Babylon soon and you will have to set your good standards in life, Christianity is a great pledge to the Ethiopians – and even if the people are homeless. Drugs, alcohol and prostitution are not instilled in their culture. Mothers and fathers and fathers are still holding on to their children, which they love. In the western hemisphere, many of us were brought up in church, but still commit crimes with no   Remorse. Which tells me that western Christianity is inferior to Ethiopian Christianity, Some say, it is for us to judge. and so, justify their wrongdoing and remain in denial about what is right and wrong, One can judge, If one is upright in all his ways, We can help to make a difference in Ethiopian! Psalm 90 verses 1&2: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations: Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou are God.


Be careful of uncalculated decisions – they can cause self destruction. Mary people think a trip to Africa is a real threat to their well –being. I think you really have to be in touch with yourself. If you have the opportunity to go there, you will see the welcome you will receive from the people. Just don’t impose on their hospitality. Nobody would welcome western crooked ways, so just be true, for having self-confidence is like having God with-in. Without self-confidence, you will be defeated. Even looking back at myself, I have never met a family member in New York throughout my 14 years been here. Think of humanity before you advance. Think of H. I. M. Haile Selassie I. The love of Jah is the spirit of holiness. Revelation 1 verse 14: His head and his hair were while like wool. As while as snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
“Journey Trough Ethiopia”
48.000 Orthodox churches and rock churches, 3 queen of Sheba, 4 fairy – tale castles, 2 Nomads land, Extensive cave system, Treasure of religious arts, 8 gateways to the East, Red Sea, Dankil Desert, Rocky Hill country, The blue Mountain 3.000 – 4500 km, 3 queen of Sheba, Queen Titu Hotel, 17 century stone bridge, Pool of Fertility, Carpet of Timeless History, Jubilee Palace, Goba Town, Omo River, Lake Awasa, Lake Abhadad, Blue Nile,
Tissisat fall {700km} Boro River, Ras Habet Gabrel Museum, Dorze Hut 12 meters high, Derbre Markos Church, Emperor Fisilidas Castle 17th centuries to early 18 centuries south ward to Lake Tana, Tankwa Boats Villagers cross Lake cross Lake Tana, Yohannes Castle, Ethiopia former capital of Gondar, Emperor Yohannes 1667-1682, The great Rift Valley, 800 species of birds, The Crown Prince clinic, City of the Scared Islamic Sites, Ras Makonnen Statue Haile Selassie I father, Centuries of Craftmanship, Victorious Monument over the Italians , Kings Highway, The Timkat Epilhany Festival in January, The marvelous valley, Painting of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, Sobat River, White Nine, The low land plain,
Gamogofa Providence, Simian Mountain, Culture Center, National Theater, View Mekelles Capital, 17th Century Capital, Two elaborate crosses at the virgin Mary house, Haile Selassie I father house, Wooden tombs on dead, Duke Museum, Traditional homestead, European’s Capital,5 Islands and the best in leather, National Museum of Ethiopia, Queen of Sheba Palace in Axum, Christian Temple of the Moon {5th century B.C } at  Yeha} Castle at Lake Tana, Marcato Market- 40 Acres, Castle at Lake Tana, The famous Shewa Gate {with seven entrances} Lion of Judah Statue in Addis Ababa, Dedre Maryam Church on the Antoto Mountain  Addas Ababa, Ethiopia High Land of Coffee, The reminder of the cross of Christ is  on a hill, The emblem of all suffering and shame? Thanks to P M. Meles & Negeso Ethiopian Airlines, 1800- 445-2733 and Yusuf Abdullahi Sukkar- Tourism Commissioner of Ethiopia,
Tell 0112551111-150604 fax 011-251111-513899.For visa to Ethiopia, 1212-421-1830, Thanks to Patricia Boothe for help in editing liner notes. For more information check www. Ethiopian org. It is a pleasure to present to the world my sixth CD- Tribute To Ethiopia Spiritual Standers {A Charitable Work to Benefit the People of Ethiopia}, Through the powers of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first, The Alpha and Omega, the Great Beginning and the Great End, I did all this from my heart not for multitude of western materialistic praises. I am simple providing some standards for others to fallow,
Again it is such a Great Blessing through our faith in His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I That my seven children and I are able to present my forth CD Tribute To Ethiopia’s Spiritual Standards {A Charitable work to Benefit the People of Ethiopia} This CD is meant to encourage the whole world to uphold the spirituality of a Great Peaceful Nation. Thanks to the people I met there! It’s from their mouth to Jah’s ears.
I again declare to the world through a Declaration of rights and spiritual power that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I is God Through all ages past- King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s, who reigns supreme and shall judge us all. I can say no more, my eyes are blinded by tears – Selah Millard F Burrowes?
Now some people may wonder why I am always expressing so much concern in my songs and in my liner notes, my response would be to all of this. Roots and culture reggae music is a God music, The lyrical contents  and music expresses black consciousness. Promoting and embracing human integrity and international morality.  basest on how the inspiration of God leads us to teach, so if one should say they don’t believe in God or whatever terms, Something has to be wrong with those who don’t want to face reality, and want to sing and prefect good culture reggae music” they cannot”. It would be a under -statement and ignorance and a lock of true balance with God and the nature of this music, This music of cultural teaching is not all about portraying an imagine with dread locks, If there is any doubt in what I am saying, Then my option alone is enough to relay on. the truth is sufficient, Praising Jah Is the right of passage to this special music.This music is the music which connects the dept and souls of people, and stimulate conscience to act accordingly. Reggae roots and culture music is not a skin teeth joke, which a person can just capitalize on and have an everlasting blessing and remembrance, There is no sense pretending
The “Definitions of Songs” are written inside all my CD’s for the education of our people and all humanity. Whosoever bootlegs my CD’s shall experience their own judgment.Gal.5: verse10.


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