'Why they Call Him Radical' - An Obama Tribute

Sunday, October 15, 2008 7:27 AM Posted by Carribean Life

A three-and-a-half -minute video entitled, “Why They Called Him Radical” by M. F. Burrowes is being played on CIN, BCAT, Time Warner, YouTube's “Video City TV” and at MySpace.com/mfburrowes.

It is also being played around the world on radio stations. Burrowes, a member of RAW(Radio Ambassadors Worldwide) has distributed the audio to 160 radio stations worldwide and played in places such as Malawi, Ireland, Israel and of course in the United States.

The song, one of 14 on Burrowes' seventh album, We Are At The Crossroads: 12 Disciples With Jah , is due for release in November on Burrowes' own Dekoder and Kids Records' label and will be available from VP Records, Tony Ryan Records and from Doctor Rashan Abdul A. Akeem and Tony Ryan in the Bronx.

“Why They Called Him Radical” is a tribute to the Barack Obama candidacy. On the single, Burrowes talks about the importance of the Illinois senator's message and what it means for the people of the world.

“Why when on speaks of his integrity/ and expresses love for humanity/ Why the call him radical, radical/ Because he's vocal.

“Why when one encourages true democracy/ They say he's against bureaucracy/ Why they call him radical.

“Why when one encourages solidarity/ He suffers with impunity/ Why they call him radical, radical/ Because he's vocal.

What inspired him to put out such a poignant tribute to the Democratic presidential candidate, Burrowes was asked.

“I'm a visionary” Burrows replied. “I observe things before they even take place. And that's why I am who I am today.”

The singer sent a copy to the Obama Campaign and has been interviewed on several radio stations about the song and the upcoming album.

“My upcoming album will be one of the greatest works of its kind in the 21 st Century,” Burrowes claims, and adds that the new album takes his work to a higher level.

“It is very informative on world views, both in its lyrical content and in the notes in the CD booklet,” Burrowes said.

We Are At The Crossroads also includes a tribute to the late Lucky Dube entitled “It Feels So Sad.” The South African reggae ambassador was murdered on Oct. 18, 2007.

Burrowes' entire works traditionally have been based on humanity and spiritual upliftment.

For more information on We Are At The Crossroads , call (718) 941-9766. (KK)