M.F. Burrowes: Songwriter with a world View

Millard Fillmore Burrowes, known mostly for his message music and an incredible world view, shares a common birth place with Jamaican national hero, the Hon. Marcus Garvey and several other cultural and musical giants, including Bob Marley, the musical icon from Calderwood in St. Ann’s Jamaica.

Burrowes preaches truth and compassion through his music. At the tender age of five, Burrowes was singing along to songs on the radio and in church, and as he grew older, his musical interests steered away from the local church to reggae, and songwriting.

Burrowes’ first two songs, Sweet Angel and Anniversary Day garnered two awards and a U.S. Library of Congress copyright. He subsequently recorded numerous reggae singles, earning him critical acclaim from press and radio in the U.S. Europe, Africa (Ethiopia) and the Caribbean.

Quite early in the business, realizing that the voice of the people was finally being heard in his messages, Burrowes made a conscious decision to become a harbinger of the message of compassion and brotherly love. He has sought to bring about change by way of the poignant lyrics he has used as weapons against “downpressors.”

Burrowes’ musical repertoire is packaged in a montage of political, social and economic commentary, with early influences from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear, Max Romeo and several other Jamaican Icons.

With a deep conviction to contribute to humanity by way of lessons of spirituality and brotherly love, Burrowes addresses a variety of issues in his lyrics, at the same time offering solutions and encouragement to people in distress.

Over the past 15 years, M.F. Burrowes has recorded and produced seven albums on his personal label, Dekoda and Kids Records. Today, he has overcome many odds on his journey towards international recognition. Wherever music is played or staged in his field, fans of all races and cultural backgrounds who love his music wait to see him live on stage.

Burrowes first cd album, Tribute to The World, was released in January, 1997. His second, Africa on my mind, followed in 1998. He has set a standard that will take him to higher ground.